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If you follow my blog or happen to look at it from time to time, you will know that i am not one for writing a huge write up on stuff because – lets face it, unless it’s a review, who cares about what i think ? If you’re like me, you like pictures and SLurls – i like what i see, where can i get it from, right ? So, when you see me writing like this, you would know that i have some serious stuff to tell you guys .. seriously GOOD stuff.

Credits for Picture above:

WELLLL, the thing is, last night, Truth Hawks took his amazing designs, his gorgeous most popular hair, to another level. Last night, Truth Hawks dropped a whole heap of delicious yummy goodness on the grid in the shape of not one … not two … but THREE .. yes THREE new styles for us all to go gaga over. HOWEVER, that wasn’t even the beginning. NO. On top of those three beautiful styles – Horizon, Oasis & Surrender, he’s only gone and updated ALL of his textures. Thats right .. NEW .. TEXTURES … FROM … TRUTH …

Boho 2

Credits for the above picture:

  • Hair: TRUTH – Surrender Reds **NEW @ Uber**
  • Head Jewel: Zaara – Nizam Tikka Head Jewel 2 Colour
  • Necklace: Mandala – Princess Dogtag White
  • Top, Skirt & Belt : Seniha. – Aura Fatpack (Mix & Match) **NEW @ Uber**

To quote a certain RL brand; ” here comes the science ” – He’s created the new styles using 100% alpha textures with built in hairbases that can be toggled on or off through the new colour hud which incorporates a styling hud too. If that wasn’t enough for you, it also has a tinting hud hidden away in the settings tab of the colour hud too ! The colour range has been given a trim but this is to allow time and room to customise and create new textures for each hairstyle in the future. The hair now has a more realistic appearance than ever before added together with the quality that over all the years Truth has been making hair, we’ve come to love and expect.

Boho 3

The last but by no means least part of my ginormous post, is all about the VIP Hair. Now, if you’re female the chances are you’re a member of the Truth Hair VIP group and if not, why not ? Seriously, joining this group for a one off fee of 350L$ is money well spent because until now, Truth has been consistently releasing exclusive fatpacks of delicious hair for all VIP members – FOR FREE ! Yep, if like me, you’ve been a member of this amazing group since the year dot, then you’ve had more than your subscription fee’s worth of EXCLUSIVE fatpacks over the years. However, this is all about to change and change is good – believe me !

Whereas previously, the VIP hair has been monthly and exclusive: now with the time taken to create such beautiful hair with these new amazing textures, exclusivity to the VIP group is no longer an option – afterall, although a god of hair he might be, Truth really is only human with two hands and a real life to juggle too. HOWEVER, on the plus side of that, he will continue to create his normal releases for the store at normal prices but, … during the month, he will choose one of the styles that has been designated for store release to be released FIRST, in the VIP group as a FREE FATPACK. That means, you are getting a FULL STORE RELEASE FREE before it actually goes on sale to the general public. After the fatpack falls out of notices (14 days) it will go on sale in the store. No longer will it be available on the VIP vendor wall (Although those styles already there will remain and remain exclusive for VIPS), only available through the normal vendor for full price – hence it is imperative that as a VIP you read notices and be sure to collect your FREE hair before it disappears into the store.

Sorry if this post has been long but as i said, there was so much i had to show and tell you that it was needed. Hope you found it helpful and informative and you enjoyed the outfits put together featuring Truths new releases.

Much love and Thank you if you got this far lol ❤

Maria xx

Credits for pic above:

  • TRUTH: Horizon –  Brunettes **VIP GROUP THEN INSTORE**
  • Addams: Isabella Boho Top –  Fatpack
  • Pants: Blueberry – Alicia Pants Low Waist Chain Belt **NEW @ Uber**


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