Happy Blogday To Me !

Happy Blogday To Me

I don’t usually do write up’s in my blog – if you are used to seeing it, you will know this. However, i just wanted to take a moment and enjoy the fact that today is my Blogday – well, not so much when i started but it’s been a whole year since i began blogging for Truth Hair.

Having been invited to join the amazing blogging team by LadyellenT Resident who was at the time, Blogger Manager for the brand, i decided to dedicate my blog to Truth Hawks pure talent and genius. I want to say that, i genuinely love, have loved, and will continue to love Truth Hair for time.

I was an avid Truth Hair fan right back in the days of 2009 when i began blogging on another avi with the knowledge and support of one of my eldest and dearest friends and an amazing blogger/stylist/model – Vixie Rayna and her blog ‘Love & Fashion‘. I continued that for a while until i took a break, returning back to the blogging world in 2013 with the love and encouragement from someone i look up to when it comes to blogging, styling, accessorising and picture making in SL – Imogen Jie. It was with her encouragement and generosity of allowing me to blog alongside her in her already amazing and established fantasy wear blog, ‘SwagGor‘ that i found my love for blogging reignited and we both carried this on until 2016 when life for us both became too busy to be as dedicated as we once were to blogging. To this day however, Imogen still sends me the odd (ok, not that odd) message of encouragement and i adore the bones of that woman for this ♥.

After a while of not blogging, i decided to venture back into the fray once more but this time with a more generic theme, posting the odd post now and then but nothing solid or regular. It wasn’t until Ellen messaged me with the invite, that i decided to make a go of it again and here i am ! I mean, who would be dumb enough to turn down an invite to blog for the most awesome hair creator in SL ? And so, LayersuponLaya’s was revived and since then, i’ve dedicated my blog to Truth Hawk’s gorgeous hair, blogging it exclusively here.

Which, leads me to wishing myself a Happy Blogday with the best gift ever being that of a nomination in The Bloggies Best Hair Blogger category. That recognition means the world to me and makes every single post i have made, worth it and more. Not only do i love what i do, i love the fact that i can help others to enjoy everything Truth has to offer, alongside other creators. The biggest thanks goes to each and every one of you who takes a moment to read or look at my little piece of SL and enjoys it ♥


  • Hair: Truth – Horizon Blondes
  • Sweater: Addams – Piper Button-Front Sweater **NEW INSTORE**
  • Jeans: Blueberry – Frank Jeans
  • Boots: Blueberry – Frank Boots
  • Pose: Diversion – Urban Girl Pose Set
  • Location: Home ♥

2 thoughts on “Happy Blogday To Me !

  1. Hello beautiful lady. A huge congratulations to you on your milestone in blogging and thank you for your humbling words. You are incredibly creative and talented and I feel such pride when I see each new Flickr post. Your styling and photos are always so expressive and classy (even those naughty ones bb). You’re such a QUEEN! ♡♡♡

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    1. If i am all that you say i am, it’s because you helped me be who i am today ❤ I can't thank you enough for all you did for me, all you gave me and most of all, your ever unwaivering friendship which i cherish dearly. They say real queens adjust each other's crowns and you're the perfect example xx love you lots


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