Girls That Game Together ..

Girls That Game Together ..

NEW Aleutia Logo 2048x1024

Part of the BVN Collab Challenge that i was selected to do with Momo (momomoonusagi Resident). Read more about it in my Flickr and check out Momo’s awesome version and style credits here.

  • Hair: Truth – Kitten Grayscale *NEW INSTORE*
  • Headset: Spoiled – Bossy Gamer Bunny Gaming Headset
  • Glasses: Spoiled – Bossy Gamer Glasses
  • Tank & Panties: Aleutia – Tracy Set
  • USB Cable (Mouth): Spoiled – Heated Gamer USB Mouth Cable
  • Game Controller:Spoiled – Gamer Girl Playstation Controller with pose



  • Chair: +Half-Deer+ – Dreamfluff Chair  SnowBunny
  • Desk: +Half-Deer+ – Amelia Desk – White No Top
  • PC: +Half-Deer+ Dreamthreader  Basic – White
  • Tissue Box: +Half-Deer+ – Cuddly Tissue Box
  • Window: +Half-Deer+ – Faux Window Sunny Day (High Blinds)
  • Tree: +Half-Deer+ –  Bottlebrush Christmas Tree Pastel – Big
  • Bookcase: +Half-Deer+ – Amelia BookcaseWhite (tex. change)
  • Blankets: +Half-Deer+ –  Neatly Folded Blankets  Baby Pink
  • Books: +Half-Deer+  – Book Clutter Stack Pastel
  • Cupcake: +Half-Deer+ – The Sugar Battalion (Zzees)

Teleport to Half Deer, here

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