Don’t Lose Sight Of The Journey

This woman is such an amazing soul, beautiful inside and out – she also happens to be a kick ass blogger too. Please, if you haven’t already, hit the follow button on her blog and have a good read ❤

Blended Beauty Blog

N674 Don't Lose Sight Of The Journey Blog

Let me begin by first thanking all of you who have followed and encouraged me on my journeys…blogging, transitioning, life…all of it.  While those of you who follow me may not know it, but your words, messages…all of it…has helped keep me going more than you can imagine.  I honestly don’t know what I would do without you.  Thank you. ♥

It’s with your support that I hit a bit of a milestone today.  This post, a collab non the less, is my 500th blog post!  When I started blogging almost 2 years ago, I never once imagined being at this point.  I figured it would be a kind of here and there hobby but nothing I really took seriously.  In an ironic twist though, it’s led me to something that I absolutely love.  It’s given me a creative outlet.  It’s allowed me to meet some of the most amazing…

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