Take A Chance On Me


  • Head: Lelutka – Lake 2.5 Evolution Boundless **COMING SOON !! See Changelog Below**
  • Brows: Lelutka – Lake 2.5 HD Brows  **COMING SOON**
  • Skin: Glam Affair – Sharon 007 Skin A (No Brows)
  • Hair: Stealthic – Shallows Ombre
  • Sweater: Coco – Ribbed Knit Top Beige **NEW @ FAMESHED**
  • Jeans: Maitreya – Vintage Jeans High Waist
  • Pose: Gravity Poses – The Chair (inc 5 Poses – Part of the Orsy Event Set) **COMING SOON Nov 9th**


Lelutka Evolution v2.5 Changelog




⚫ Improved and smoother weights

⚫ Second HD Eyeshadow has been added

⚫ HD Brow layer has been added

⚫ Tear line has been added

⚫ Script : HEAD Animation
New Code. All the start/stop animations is done in the AnimDB script

⚫ Script : HEAD AnimDB
Initial Commit

⚫ Script : HEAD Appearance
Added new tear line layer and updated lashes layer
Divided Lashes Mask in Lashes T+B
Fixed normal map not sent to HUD Replica script

⚫ Script: HEAD Replica
Modified Brows size to only horizontal
Fixed specular map not saved correctly
Added force alpha blend on Flip command



⚫ Origins MOODs have been adjusted for EVOLUTION Heads and have been added
(64 Moods in total)

⚫ Remastered Expressions and Utility animations

⚫ 21 new Expressions have been added. 64 Expressions in TOTAL

⚫ Script : HEAD Animation
Fixed Gesture Play while sitting/posing.
Stopping animation bug resolved.



⚫ HUD has been redesigned to occupy less monitor real-estate

⚫ Genetics TAB has been removed and all features have been incorporated into individual tabs
according to layer they correspond to

⚫ ALL HD layers have been merged into a single HD sub-section of the HUD
(Brows, Eyeshadow and Lips)

⚫ TINT/GLOW/FULL BRIGHT, “Tailor Make” panel has been redesigned to make the HUD occupy
less monitor real-estate

⚫ PIERCINGS have been removed from the MAIN HUD and have gotten their own, custom HUD

⚫ Script : HUD Appearance
Added Brows materials and Tear line, deleted Piercing

⚫ Script : HUD Buttons
Fixed Lashes Mask showing on hidden Lashes
Added Head Movement button sync
Added posestand buttons turn off on attach
Moved Sliders and Toggles to HUD Sliders

⚫Script : HUD Database
Added sliders to Brow panel
Added list of selection layers with default values
Added new HD layers panels
Fixed lashes mask
Added Head Movement link
Added Change Background Texture

⚫Script : HUD Kernel
Added BrwMat initialization
Modified Brows initialization
Modified send head movement message to buttons
Added ML_CLICK_SELECT to connect toggles to select buttons after Button/Slider split

⚫Script : HUD Misc
Modified preview function to work with layers gotten from database
Added Carousel function to Scroll command
Removed call to u.base
Added Eye control stops on detach. Button turns off on attach
Fixed animations error on detach of new user

⚫Script : HUD Modules
Moved default color to database

⚫Script : HUD Panels
Moved tint panel
Added new HD Layers panels
Simplified Tint Panel code
Added join group code
Fixed HUD going out of scope when clicked during reset
Added resize HUD
Added Reset button doesn’t center the HUD in S and L size
Fixed HUD shows wrong tab when head is not attached
Added Change Background Texture

⚫Script : HUD Repair
Added custom specular value for each layer
Added Lacrimal Caruncle and added layers

⚫Script: HUD Sliders
Duplicated from HUD Buttons. Deleted Buttons and Affect commands
Fixed Stop Animations buttons not working

⚫Script : HUD Sync
Moved the posestand check in the runtime_permissions
Added Posestands stopping on detach
Fixed animations error on detach of new user



⚫ Teeth objects have been updated with extra options added:
New: CROOKED, STUBBY and BUNNY options

⚫ Teeth Lightest Texture has been remastered to make the teeth even brighter

⚫ Script: TEETH Appearance
New teeth options have been added



⚫ Piercings have been merged into 3 groups for lighter land impact

EAR Group :
Surface Tragus

LIPS Group :
Ashley / Laubert
Dahlia / Dimples
Laubert Sides
Madonna / Monroe
Medusa / Jestrum
Tongue / Frenulum

NOSE Group :
3rd Eye / Bridge
Austin / Septum

⚫ All piercings are controlled with a single external HUD separated from the main HUD.


⚫ Male and Female BoM HAIRBASES have been merged into a single pack.

⚫ GESTURES have been edited to fit new, remastered expressions.


Lelutka have updated this head to have unrestricted bones. You can still access and continue using your original version (with restricted bones) by unpacking the “dated” version found in the unpacker.
It should look like this: LeLUTKA NAME Head 2.5 (dated).
Those who previously purchased the head will always have access to both the bound and boundless versions! Please note that if you decide to wear the new version of the head, you will need to adjust the shape. Lelutka hope you enjoy these changes and the possibilities they offer.

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