Not usually a fan of snow so early in the SL year – HOWEVER, when i saw in Facebook that Kess Massimo had made her sim, Snowdrops,  all snowytastic and yummy AND open to the public, i grabbed Mr C and dragged him there in his winter woolies. To be fair, he didn’t need much dragging and we only went to go and have a look, after seeing the gorgeous pictures Kess had posted in Facebook. After some fun on the ski-slope, snowboarding, we walking around and saw this beautiful rink. Mr C said he could see a pic there and to be honest, i didn’t intend on taking one there, i don’t think he did either but, as i saw this angle and the stars in the sky, the twinkling lights, i was inspired. It was PERFECT. Another ‘stars aligned’ moment, literally . I also knew the PERFECT pose to use too. Diversion’s ‘Space For Two’, is a gorgeous couple pose that lends itself so well to this season. Not only in the way i used it above – i absolutely would imagine this under the mistletoe, would be PERFECT too. 

Perfect Time. Perfect Place. Perfect Pose. Perfect Mr C ♥


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