All it takes is Faith, Trust, and a little bit of Pixie Dust


Ok, they didn’t really, i lied. However, it IS one of those .. a writey post. It has to be, to tell you about all the good stuff coming from Lelutka and Glam Affair right now. Lelutka have just released their Evo X line. Evo, with more HD – yes .. better UV mapping, ultra HD, the shizz .. and i could do the ‘here comes the science bit’ and dazzle you all with stuff i’m still learning about myself (insert laughing emoji here) but instead, i’ll do the responsible thing and link you the Lelutka FAQ where all you need to know about the Evo X line, can be found. Failing that, Lelutka have a fantastic inworld group you can join and ask for help in. 

Glam Affair also have an incredibly helpful team inworld too, which is great if you have any questions about their NEW Evo X skins made to coincide with the Lelutka release. On top of that, they have also updated their tones which, are delicious i have to say, varying from 01 Ivory to 09 Cocoa – you should check them out, especially if you’re investing in the new X line. Each head skin still comes with your fave extra’s like freckles, closed eyes, etc – they also come with the ear layer you will need and a neck shadow, should you require it. The body skins are now PACKED with so many different features you won’t know what to wear, i swear. You want freckles ? You got it. Not that many ? You got that too in a 50% layer. Chubby ? Taken care of – TWICE because all those curves need twice the attention, right ladies ? (men, take note lol). Pregnant ? Not a problem. Fit ? Got you covered. Soft n yummy ? Mmhmm .. and i haven’t even started on the cleavage options .. it’s rammed with so much goodness that your lelutka eyes are sure to pop !

Last to note on the newness ooozing from the Skin Fair this year, Along with the Evo X line that has been released, Lelutka have also bundled up a bunch of Evo X goodies for you to check out too that are included with each head. Hairbases that you are going to absolutely fall in love with, eyeshadows, liners, lip colours .. some of which i’m wearing in this post. 

Style deetz for the rest of the post are below, along with info on those cheeky little fairies ! 

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