Against All Odd’s

Then and now take 2_007

So, the highly anticipated 3.1 Lelutka EvoX release has hit the grid and omg, was it ever worth the wait ?? If you’re like me, i’ve been pining for this release SO hard – i love my shape, its been my look for so long, even the switch from another brand of head i’d used for over 4 yrs to Lelutka didn’t change it, i was able to recreate the same look (only better), so i find making shapes for different heads, so hard lol. As a blogger for Lelutka, trust me the struggle was real (but worth it) so now, to know i can EvoX the hell out of my Fleur makes my blogging life a happy one !

I’ve used the above pic to show you warts and all in unedited, super 4000×3000 resolution, just how gorgeous this update is. The detailing around the eyes, is something else and i love the pores on the gorgeous NEW Glam Affair Skin – Martina – in their Beige tone which is available at Uber right now.

The update is mega, like .. HUGE. What at first glance might not appear to be so, it truly is. Lelutka have worked hard at adapting the HD UV across it’s range. It’s a mammoth update given how many heads they have. The update also includes the ability to toggle between classic Evo and EvoX, so you don’t even have to worry about not being able to wear your usual Evo Skins .. You still can ! There’s a new style hud with save slots for the HD Lips, Brows, Eye make up x2, Lashes and Eye Sockets/Colours – this free’s up the save slots on the main hud too, which have been removed. An additional 6 eye colours have been added, bringing the total to 18, an additional 2 HD brows making the total 6 and another 2 HD eyeshadows totalling 8 now – are all included. Alpha mode has also been introduced on the HD lips which allows you to manipulate the amount of makeup that shows, using mask mode. Layer Materials (none) HD Complex, have been added under settings if you like messing with those things (me personally, i’m a scaredy cat lol) – this includes HD Brows, 2 HD Eye Shadow layers, Lashes, Eye Sockets and HD lips. Clicking these buttons will remove materials from matching layers, removing materials will eliminate Hair/Head alpha interaction (if hair has materials enabled), leaving your Head layers, alpha clipping free. This means the glossiness of any of these layers will be removed. As if all of that amazing science wasn’t enough, they’ve even managed to clean up the scripts in the hud making it less laggy and quicker to respond. 

With Lelutka Ryn, Lilly, Nuri, Nova, Lake and Erin now all having received the EvoX 3.1 update, the rollout is happening thick and fast, keep checking to see if your favourite is updated (for free of course) and have amazing fun exploring all the new features !


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