Are You Ready ?

Belleza Gen.X Event_ October 2022

Hey guys, i don’t know if you’ve been living under a rock or something but if not then you can’t have failed to notice that something HUGE is about to hit the grid.
On October 1st, Belleza are launching their new line of mesh body. GenX is coming in the shape of two forms, curvy and classic and they are packed with a bunch of features not seen on their previous bodies. Please note, this is not an upgrade, this is a completely new body line that includes:
• Body alphas
• 3 Nipple Shapes with HD options
• 5 Nail Shapes
• Full customizable materials
• And what truly brings the X to Gen.X … a fully animated vagina !
To kick off the launch, there is going to be a month long event with around 80 of your favourite designers (see the poster) showcasing some exclusives for the new body and if THAT, wasn’t enough ? There’s a further 20 creators providing exclusives at their mainstores too. You’ll be able to find original accessories, apparel, shoes, skins, and tattoos for Gen.X – both on AND off of the event sim !
For more details, you can check out Belleza‘s socials below

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