Shape Of You

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Tomorrow (October 1st) see’s the launch of the widely anticipated new line of bodies from Belleza. GenX will be available in both classic and curvy versions and are jampacked with features not seen in Belleza’s previous mesh bodies including BOM, fully customisable materials, 3 shapes of nipples that are HD enabled too with various textures/tones that are suitable for your own personal taste, extensive body alpha’s that are used via the comprehensive hud. To top all of that off, Belleza are introducing a built in HD functional Vagina to their new line, GenX. This is operated via the hud with various skintones to suit your taste and you are able to toggle this on and off too, making it ‘PG’ or ‘X’.

The Classic GenX in my minds eye, would appeal to people who currently or have previously worn Maitreya/Legacy. It is a naturally slender form that lends itself well to either a petite figure or a slightly curvier figure. As you can see in my photo’s, I actually made mine more curvier but the differences are there to be seen in the breast shaping and the bottom as well as the stomach and groin area.

The Curvy GenX absolutely picks up from where Freya left off and thensome and also gives other ‘larger’ bodies a good run for their money too. That gorgeous deep groin, the side boobage and that Freya butt are all there alongside the new added features. The breasts are fuller, the hips more rounder than the Classic GenX so that you have that ability to make your shape as big, curvy, round, fat as you want.

Again, I will re-iterate the point that this is a brand new line of bodies, the next ‘Gen’. This is not an upgrade and it should be noted that previous items rigged and made for Belleza will not work with the new bodies.

Finally, as with anything new, my advice for you would be to demo, demo and DEMO. Have fun shaping both bodies until you find which one is most suitable for you and your taste.

For more details, you can check out Belleza‘s socials below

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